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​“We just received your message and of course we immediately accessed the website. The photos are really great. We are particularly blown away by the details you noticed yesterday. We are also really looking forward to the CD with the complete pictures. We will be happy to recommend you at any time. Thank you very much again!

“Thank you very much for the link and the first photos. We've watched it 6 or 7 times already. They are simply incredibly beautiful. Just great!!!"

“After our Java tour, we have now arrived in Bali and were able to look at the pictures for the first time. The pictures are so amazing that we can't even describe it. You gave us great joy with this. Thank you for that! We’ll get back to you when we get back.”

“We came home from our honeymoon tonight and after I got back from work we immediately looked at the photos. They look great! We’re really looking forward to the DVD!”

“Unfortunately I can't reach you on the landline right now...we just looked at the "small" selection and it would have been better for you to be there to get an impression of how enthusiastic we are! “Oh, oh, oh how sweet, oh that’s beautiful…or oh, I didn’t even notice that” was said all the time. Really wonderful, beautiful!!! We definitely picked the perfect photographer! We now “have to” enjoy all the pictures again on the big TV and sigh and of course send the others the link! Please take your time with the other pictures (now that our initial curiosity has been satisfied), if they are just as great then it will be worth the wait!”

“We just received your message and of course we immediately went to the web gallery. The photos are really great! We are particularly blown away by the details you noticed yesterday.”

“After returning from our vacation, we were very happy to receive the wedding pictures. Thank you for that! We would also like to thank you again for the great pictures and your work overall!”

“The pictures are an absolute dream! Thomas and I are totally thrilled! Thank you so much!"

“We are incredibly excited and very touched by the beautiful photos! We liked the very personal charisma of your work, the artistic expression of the pictures and your feeling for colors, perspectives and lighting situations when we looked at your web gallery. Now seeing our own special moments in this way makes us very happy. Thanks alot! We are also genuinely happy that we were so lucky with you and that you took such brilliant pictures despite our rainy wedding day. Our guests also really enjoyed their day with you! Some of them told us how happy they were that they were able to look at pictures from time to time. We are already looking forward to the other pictures and are very excited.”

"WOW!!! Thomas, that's exactly how we wanted it!!! Thank you very much for the great work!!!”

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